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Work. Life. Bliss.

'Time' is a most precious gift that should be spent doing more of what you love and sharing it with those you love.

About Us.

At Bliss Virtual Services, we skillfully manage administrative, personal, and creative requests to keep your days flowing more smoothly. From in-demand professionals, to careerpreneurs, to busy parents, lean to us to help make your work and life the way they should be - less stress and more bliss. 

How It Started.

When COVID-19 suddenly forced the world to refashion our way of working and living, N. Renée McFadden was asked to assist a network of entrepreneurs eager to take advantage of the stillness that the pandemic provided.

With her 20+ years of combined executive assistant, marketing, and management experience, she realized there was a unique opportunity for seasoned support professionals to step up to offer ease in a world of uncertainty, and so she set out to build a team of heart-centered individuals who also desired to serve others with their respective skills and talents just as much as she did. Three years later, and a whole lot of trial-by-fire, they are doing just this.


N. Renée's mission? To provide her clients capable support to empower them to crush their goals while taking care of home and preserving self. This is how she defines "bliss".

Our Guiding Principle & Core Values

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